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This is a new project with the Phantom quadrocopter, you can use 4 different backgrounds (city, mountains, desert, nature). Copter have two placeholders on body of copter and on the front of the camera.

You can order right here. Decide which package you want in the table above. Then:
1. Tell us the ID number.
2. Send your logo.
3. Tell us your website address or slogan.

Your logo should be high quality. It MUST be on a transparent background. Best are .ai and .eps vector files. We can also accept .png. We do not accept .jpg or .bmp. Size of your logo should be at least 1300 x 1300 pixels. Your logo animation will be delivered in MP4 format, suitable for uploading to YouTube or Vimeo, or for use in online presentations. If you need different video file settings, please tell us in the “your request” section when submitting your logo.

Note: We do not edit our logo animations to make them longer or shorter.
If you have any questions just click the green “Contact Us” button above the table. Thank you!

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